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About Web3 Marketing Inc.

Web3 Marketing Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of super app / digital wallet innovator GivBux Inc. GivBux is one of the first super apps to make it simple to send and receive mobile payments and gifts from over 100,000 merchant locations including stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


GivBux Super App is creating a new more connected future. GivBux is creating an economic sharing community by bringing beloved merchants and brands together in one place. This means more savings for customers, more sales for business owners, and more contributions to charitable causes.


And Now... with the launch of Web3 Marketing Inc, merchants, consumers, and  nonprofits can accept and pay with crypto tokens at checkout !

How it Works

As of 2022, the global online payments market represented roughly $6.75 trillion, while the crypto market (excluding Bitcoin) clocked in at only $484 billion. As the disparity between the global online payments and crypto markets tightens, DiVinciPay is positioned to be the industry leader, bridging the gap between legacy payment systems and Web3 technology.


By being the first permissionless, non-custodial plugin to integrate with any online checkout platform, DiVinciPay gives the customer, and merchant, the confidence they require to make trusted and secure transactions, while helping eliminate transactional fraud.

Shop Web3 Marketing

Connecting traditional online merchants to the growing universe of Web3 shoppers. Web3 offers a range of products that allow merchants to accept their choice of thousands of Ethereum based tokens seamlessly at checkout and provides marketing and advertising in one great package. Being connected to Web3 is the hottest growth strategy to bring traditional businesses into the quickly developing future of decentralized commerce. Accepting crypto expands your universe of buyer to an international tech savvy demographic with higher discretionary spending choices.

Having your store Web3 enabled and accepting tokens at checkout will increase sales and  prepare your business for the future. And that future will be utilizing metaverse assets for NFT advertising and geolocated mixed and augmented reality marketing opportunities.


The first 1000 merchants can get the Web3 Launch Package for a huge discount. Be one of the first 1000 today !

Intro to Web3 which includes the DivinciPay token checkout, a custom token acceptance and marketing plan, invite to and set up of the Givbux super app along with instant approval to become a Givbux authorized merchant. Usually $15,000 discounted for the first 1000 merchants to $2499 one time set up fee and $249 per month (cancel anytime)

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